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Many people try to manage their own rental properties or ask relatives or friends to help them out. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the time and effort required to properly manage a property and so the results can be disappointing. It is important to ensure that the property is well-presented, managed pro-actively and well-maintained in order to both protect and maximize the return on your investment. This involves a well-rounded and comprehensive approach that covers an array of tasks from marketing, tenant screening, contract preparation and negotiation, repair oversight, bill payments, rent collection and international remittance to name just a few.

A Professional Property Manager will identify the needs of both owners and potential tenants to provide the ideal platform for longer and more remunerative lease contracts. Tenants’ expectations remain high and it is important to ensure that their home is clean, welcoming, efficient and comfortable. Professional Property Management takes the stress out of renting and ensures that all aspects of the process are handled efficiently to enable you to relax and enjoy the rewards of property ownership.

At Reality Homes, we can also assist as you grow your property portfolio, providing quality, independent advice on the best properties to select for your budget that will provide a steady, consistent income stream. Fortunately, yields in the Philippines continue to be high by international standards, supported by a fast growing economy and so there is a compelling argument for continuing to invest. Property investment is an integral part of the wealth management process and needs the attention of seasoned professionals to guide you and assist in planning.

Why Use Reality Homes Inc

Reality Homes founders have been in the property management business for over 15 years and have a wealth of experience in managing both their own properties and those of overseas and domestic clients. The most compelling reasons for using their services are:

  • Access to top level management to assist with all important matters
  • Reliable consistent service to protect your property investment
  • Comprehensive range of services that cover all aspects of managing, financing and controlling your property
  • Deep understanding of the Philippine market when identifying suitable suppliers and contractors to ensure your property is properly maintained
  • Strong market knowledge that assist pricing and promotion decisions to ensure you secure an attractive return for your property
  • Fluent English speaking staff
  • Competitive rates below market level

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